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  1. Dear Kara, Is your female creme French bulldog Miranda still available? I’m very interested. Looking forward to your reply. Kind Regards. Denise Solon (610) 304-5154

  2. When do you expect to have another litter of puppies? I am looking for a little girl 🐶. Thanks for your time!

  3. Hi! I should have a litter born around November if not before. Brenda and Lizzie will be the ones coming in next.
    Thank you,

  4. Dear Kara, Hello! I see that one of your dames will be expecting a litter, sometime in October. I might be interested. My phone number is (580)927-0558. I would want a girl. About how much is one of your puppies? I have looked at other sites, for a Frenchie, and prices are anywhere from $2,000 even to $4,000. I can understand that French bulldogs have to be cared for differently because they are part of the bulldog family. I had an English bulldog several years ago and I know about some problems the bulldog breed has, especially as they get older. My niece has 2 Frenchies, a male and female. I love them and their personalities are very different.

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