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  1. Dear Kara, Is your female creme French bulldog Miranda still available? I’m very interested. Looking forward to your reply. Kind Regards. Denise Solon (610) 304-5154

  2. When do you expect to have another litter of puppies? I am looking for a little girl 🐶. Thanks for your time!

  3. Hi! I should have a litter born around November if not before. Brenda and Lizzie will be the ones coming in next.
    Thank you,

  4. Dear Kara, Hello! I see that one of your dames will be expecting a litter, sometime in October. I might be interested. My phone number is (580)927-0558. I would want a girl. About how much is one of your puppies? I have looked at other sites, for a Frenchie, and prices are anywhere from $2,000 even to $4,000. I can understand that French bulldogs have to be cared for differently because they are part of the bulldog family. I had an English bulldog several years ago and I know about some problems the bulldog breed has, especially as they get older. My niece has 2 Frenchies, a male and female. I love them and their personalities are very different.

  5. Hi. Paris is one of my females I will be breeding in the next few months. The puppies I have for sale our creams out of little Jan.

  6. Looking for a female frenchie friend for our Winston.
    Just want a pet and will spay her. Please let us know
    If you take deposits or next steps,
    Elisabeth Tobin

  7. Knowing that price varies by color and traits, in what range do you usually sale?

  8. Our puppies usually range from $3000-$4000. Right now our list is long for the ones that are expecting In the next month. But some people back out or found a puppy somewhere else. If you would like anymore I do my number is +15803718670. You can call or text. Thank you,

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